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A spacious living room filled with Midwest home decor.

Perfecting the Midwest Apartment Aesthetic

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It’s an eerie feeling nearly everyone has experienced. You visit someone’s home for the first time and instantly feel totally at ease. It’s not déjà vu or the aroma of apple pie in the air, it’s just welcoming and cozy read more

Apartment dweller steam cleans their couch

A Tenant’s Guide to Furniture Maintenance

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From leather sofas to wooden chairs, all furniture needs a little TLC from time to time to stay in good shape. Still, the exact methods you use to protect your pieces from the wears and tears of daily life will vary depending on how old they are and what materials they’re made from. Read on […] read more

A Guide to Repainting Wood Furniture

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Wood furniture can last a lifetime if it is maintained correctly. Wood furniture that is scratched and has a worn finish can be renewed with a fresh coat of paint to give it a new look. If it is already painted and begins to fade and chip, repainting it can make it look new all […] read more