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Apartment dweller steam cleans their couch

A Tenant’s Guide to Furniture Maintenance

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From leather sofas to wooden chairs, all furniture needs a little TLC from time to time to stay in good shape. Still, the exact methods you use to protect your pieces from the wears and tears of daily life will vary depending on how old they are and what materials they’re made from. Read on […] read more

Fabric Fun to Brighten Any Room

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Decorating a rental doesn’t have to be impersonal or boring. There are many ways you can use your design chops to create personalized spaces that don’t involve violating your rental agreement. These ideas are portable, changeable and affordable. So without breaking the bank you can give your room some pizzazz, and when you are in […] read more


4 Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Your Home

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Eco friendly fabrics feature natural materials that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and likewise aren’t treated with chemicals or dyes that can be damaging to one’s health. These are the fabrics of the future as they are safe from toxins and aid in maintaining the earth’s natural resources. Let’s look at some of the eco friendly fabrics that are […] read more