4 Eco-Friendly Fabrics for Your Home

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Eco friendly fabrics feature natural materials that are grown without the use of harmful pesticides and likewise aren’t treated with chemicals or dyes that can be damaging to one’s health. These are the fabrics of the future as they are safe from toxins and aid in maintaining the earth’s natural resources. Let’s look at some of the eco friendly fabrics that are now available and can be used in apartment homes.

1) Hemp

Not to be confused with marijuana, which contains THCh, emp needs little water to grow; therefore, not only is water conserved by growing the plant, the fibers of the plant can made into textiles for sofas, drapes and windows treatments. Because the hemp plant grows well without the commercial use of pesticides or herbicides, it’s an ideal choice to use when decorating your apartment in eco friendly materials. The fiber produced from the plant is durable and softer than cotton. It also won’t mildew and lasts twice as long. In addition, the fiber is processed with steam instead of chemicals. Therefore, hemp is an ideal material to use on the cushions of sofas. To remove stains, you only need to spot wash the area of the mishap although hemp can be dry cleaned too.

2) Organic Cotton

If cotton is grown commercially, it uses more pesticides than any other crop. Cotton grown in this way then threatens the earth’s natural resources and puts the health of people as well as animals at risk. Organic cotton, on the other hand, does not require the use of chemical insecticides. This kind of fabric can be used for cushions, throw pillows, window sheers, bedding and even rugs. No harmful dyes or treatments are used either in the manufacture of this fiber.

3) Bamboo Material

Bamboo, too, does not need pesticides or herbicides in order to grow. The plant grows quickly and needs little water as the roots of the plant retain water; therefore, like hemp, it conserves water too. It’s a hardy plant as it holds up well in drought and flood conditions. Also, the resultant material from the bamboo plant can be machine-washed. Its fibers kill odor-causing bacteria and serve as a good insulator when woven into treatments for windows. The material is well-suited for the manufacture of sofa cushions, bedding, towels and window treatments. Not only can you buy furniture whose frames are made of bamboo, you can also use the material on the cushions too.

4) Stinging Nettle

The weed, stinging nettle, was used to manufacture textiles until the 19th century when it was replaced by cotton. Therefore, this old fabric is making a comeback as an eco friendly material. The plant is resistant to disease and pestilence so it doesn’t require the use of chemical based herbicides and insecticides. Only the fibers in the stems of the plant are used in making material. The prickly needles and leaves that cause itching aren’t employed in the manufacturing process. The fabric from the stinging nettle plant is often used as a textile in upholstering or reupholstering couches and chairs.

Besides the four listed fabrics, other eco fabrics that can be used in your apartment’s decorating scheme include jute, organic wool, organic linen, soy silk and ramie. Consider them as well for an apartment that’s beautiful and eco inviting.

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