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When to Use an Apartment Attorney

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Hiring an attorney is usually the last thing on your mind when renting an apartment. Location, amenities, rent and apartment layout are the topics you’ll think of first, when talking about apartment living. Unfortunately, as with all things in life, something concerning your tenancy could go awry and put your rights in jeopardy. That’s when […] read more

Eviction Explained

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Eviction, a term with negative connotations, is a legal process whereby a landlord removes a tenant from an apartment. As with all legal processes, both sides (landlord and you as tenant) have legal rights. Each state (legal jurisdiction) has different laws. So, if you find yourself facing eviction, you must take steps to learn the […] read more

A Guide to Lease Agreement Forms

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Lease agreement forms spell out what is expected from each party when you rent a house or an apartment from a person or a business. Pay Close Attention to Payment Terms Lease agreement forms will specify exact points within the agreement such as: The amount of rent expected When the rent is due Where to […] read more

Can You Be Evicted For Cohabiting?

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When it comes to deciding whether your significant other is going to move in with you, it’s a matter for some discussion between the two of you—and your landlord. That’s because your lease almost certainly has a clause regarding occupants, along the lines of this clause in a sample lease from “Guest(s) staying over […] read more


Received an Eviction Notice? Make Sure Your Landlord is on the Up & Up

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Receiving an eviction notice can be a scary situation. But, no matter what the reason for the eviction is, you do have legal rights during the eviction process. It’s up to you to make sure that your landlord follows eviction proceedings correctly. There are more than a few situations when a landlord may try to […] read more


Pets Not Accepted: Should You Sneak Your Cat or Dog In Anyway?

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Many landlords put strict limitations on the types of animals who can live in their apartments: some have a flat 'no pets' policy, while others are okay with animals who live in aquariums, or who are within certain weight limitations (e.g., dogs under 50 pounds). read more

How to Get Yourself Off of a Renter’s Blacklist

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There all sorts of ways to wind up on a renter's blacklist--a list of tenants that most landlords will refuse to rent to under most circumstances. It can be tough to get your name off that sort of list, even if you didn't do anything wrong. But it isn't impossible. read more

Is Your Rent Control Landlord Trying to Force You Out?

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As a general rule, landlords aren't exactly in favor of rent controls. There are plenty of tactics they use to work around rent controls, including trying to force out current tenants so that the landlord can adjust the rent to market rates, thereby leasing to higher-paying renters. read more

Top 5 Steps if Your Rental is Foreclosed

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Look in any newspaper these days and you'll see a whole list of foreclosures. Not all of those foreclosures are just affecting homeowners, though. Some of those houses were rentals, making life suddenly harder for tenants. If your landlord is losing your apartment, condo or house in a foreclosure, you still have some options. read more