Summer Design Trends

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Summer seems to be a season for happiness…warm days, long nights. Don’t leave that fresh feeling outside, refresh your home in the coming months to prepare it and you for the season of fun! These tips can be applied to one, or practically any room in your apartment.

If you tend to shy away from color, now’s the time to put in some pop. Bright reds, yellows and teals will give a neutral-hued room a bright and breezy feel. It’s summer, so don’t add color with blankets; instead go for some extra pillows as well as plant pots and vases – nothing says summer more than some leafy greens and bright buds in every room. Anything natural will bring an outdoorsy feel in; consider seashells, branches, leaves – especially those done in a metallic hue. Copper is probably the hottest metallic this year, and it comes in a range of tones from soft to brassy.

If you’d prefer, add some bloom with patterns. Floral may be an obvious choice, but it’s also trending and just plain fun. Suit your style by going for something small and detailed or big and bold. Tropical is another great pattern – think parrots, palm trees and colorful fish. If you aren’t into the flower power, strips are another great, and safe, way to add some interest to a room. And the animal print trend is still going strong so go wild. But in a tame way, with animal prints, a little goes a long way.

If you have rugs, consider storing your warm winter ones for a few months and investing in some bamboo or other lighter brighter floor coverings. A new rug will instantly spice up a space, which should also promptly exhilarate you. Have you been considering a new piece of furniture? The outdoor furniture inside inclination is very popular, and there are a lot of quality, good looking pieces on the market. Consider adding a fun chair, with a great cushion of course. Be sure to choose something from a natural material – no plastic or polyester. And staying outdoors, if you’d like to add some color, but aren’t thrilled with the bright ones, go for beachy ones – sunset pink, light blue sea, coral. If we hooked you on the tropical prints above, these colors will be a great backdrop.

Summer is also the perfect time to evaluate your windows. Do you have curtains, drapes, blinds? Do you like them? If your window dressings leave something to be desired, get rid of them! Now you want something airy that lets all that glorious summer light in. Choose a light material but then make it a statement by going for a geometric print.

None of these ideas doing it for you? Rearrange! Move your furniture around, and relocate items from one room into another. Your rooms will look new, you’ll clean corners often overlooked, and you haven’t spent a dime. Have a beautiful summer – inside and out!


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