How to Design a Square Foot Gardening Layout

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A square foot gardening layout is essential to the success of your harvest, because the idea is to grow more plants in less space. Planning and designing a garden requires a lot of time and thought. The layout for a square foot garden should consist of squares that have an area of one square foot. The layout should ensure that plants in all the squares are easy to reach and water, so the width of the garden should be no more than 3 feet from any accessible point.

Design Your Layout

It is important to measure the space available for your square foot garden and divide it into squares with an area of 1 square foot each. Plan the layout of the garden with the use of graph paper and pencil. Alternatively, use your computer to plan the layout. The garden area should get at least 8 to 12 hours of direct sunlight and should be within reach of a hose so that you can water it easily.

Things to Note

The garden should have access on all four sides. If not, you should try to build the short side on the enclosed side. The sets of squares or beds should be separated by pathways of at least 3 feet, so that each square is easily accessible and the plants have space to grow. Choose the plants you want to grow and decide on the number of squares that are essential for each plant’s proper growth. Factors such as the availability of sunlight, crop rotation, space and the need for plant support should be taken into account. Trellises can be used for climbing plants to optimize use of space. You can also use specific areas to grow plants that are beneficial to each other. Plants that thwart each other’s growth should be planted far away from each other.

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