How to Find Apartment Decor that Fits Your Personality

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To make the most of the time spent in your apartment, it’s helpful to choose an apartment decor that is compatible with your own personality and tastes. Therefore, reviewing some of the main interior design styles can help you decide on a décor that best meets with your requirements as far as aesthetics and your individual preferences.


Are you a practical person that doesn’t like a lot of knick-knacks or clutter littering your apartment? Do you appreciate ergonomically designed chairs and leather furnishings? If so, then you are someone who enjoys contemporary styling. Choose furnishings that are flat and smooth and are free of ornamentation. Furniture should denote clean lines and emphasize functionality.

Victorian Styling

If you’re somewhat of a history buff or are romantic by nature, then you are someone who also probably appreciates Victorian styling. Choose dark green or burgundy materials for your couches and chairs or, for small apartments, select upholstery and drapery colors in peacock greens or light blue. Neutral shades of grays or olives often work well in hallways. If you like knick-knacks, enjoy antiquing, and don’t mind a floral décor, you’re destined to enjoy the romantic charm of a Victorian decor.

Shabby Chic

Do you like to improvise when your decorate? Or, do you savor the times spent combing through thrift stores? Are you able to appreciate such things as bleached wood and rustic paintings? If so, you will probably find happiness decorating your apartment in the shabby chic style. You can find a good many items for this kind of décor by recycling old furniture, fabrics and accessories. Choose idyllic country colors like light blue and pale yellows or prints of delicate violets. Make good use of quilts and comfortable pillows and cushions. If you have a “shabby chic” personality, you’re simply someone who can find the beauty in imperfection and make it work for you.


If you’re someone who enjoys the styles and themes of the near past, you’ll want to take full advantage of a retro look. Include shag carpeting in your décor, rounded lamps and a bean bag chair or two. Decorate your walls with the old album covers of rock bands. Embrace the period of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s in colors such as aqua, brown, orange, mustard yellow and avocado green. Add chrome furnishings. Include, appliances, also made of chrome, such as refrigerators too. Show your creative side. Go for Retro’s bold and mod look.

A Vintage Décor

Are you a sentimentalist? Do you enjoy shopping in such places as flea markets or antique stores for your decorating needs? In all probability, you’re someone who also appreciates a vintage décor. Vintage personalities like to keep things as they are (or were) and need their apartment to feel cozy and inviting. You are definitely a “knick-knack” person with your collections of tins, salt and pepper shakers and depression era glass. Select vintage wallpaper in rose prints and decorate a vintage couch and chairs with tatted and crocheted doilies. You’ll always feel right at home when you go back to the 30’s and 40’s.

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