5 Common Contemporary Style Elements to Incorporate into Your Apartment

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Contemporary style elements are much easier to incorporate in an apartment setting, than other decorating styles geared that are a better fit for homeowners. If there’s one word that would describe this decorating style, it’s “clean.” Modern accessories and pieces are used to accent walls, floors and furniture. Here are 5 common contemporary style elements that you can incorporate into your apartment:

1. Consistency

To keep a clean look throughout your apartment, choose a color scheme that’s consistent. That doesn’t mean you have to limit yourself to two or three colors. On the other hand, you shouldn’t use one set of colors for the contemporary style in the bedroom and then a completely opposite set of colors in the living room. Likewise, as you choose accessories, make sure they match the colors and shapes emphasized in the room. It’s this continuity that distinguishes a contemporary style from other similar styles.

2. Lighting

Many lights are required to achieve a contemporary style in your apartment. You don’t own the apartment, so installing recessed lights is not an option. However, you can utilize lamps to keep your rooms well-lit. Buy floor lamps and place them behind couches or next to the fireplace. You can also tuck them away in corners, to keep them out of the way. Table lamps are another option for creating more lighting. You’ll make the room look bigger at the same time. Clamped spot lights to showcase artwork is also a possibility when you’re renting. These can be hard to find in regular stores these days, but your hardware store or home improvement center may carry them.

3. Wall Colors

Paint your walls a neutral color if you can. Off white, cream, tan or beige are good choices for colors. You’ll offset the neutral colors on the walls with bright colored accessories, such as pillows or area rugs. You can also accent one wall in the room with wallpaper. For example, a common practice is to accent the wall behind a large sofa. Keep the pattern you use on the wallpaper simple though, as you don’t want an abstract graphic to detract from the clean and orderly appeal of the contemporary style.

4. Framed Artwork and Photos

Choose finishes like metal, nickle and stainless steel for your frames.  If you’re going to use wood frames, use dark wood. This decorating style is known for it’s linear characteristics. When you hang up multiple pieces, do the best you can to form a line on the wall, and leave the same amount of spacing in between. Hang them close together to make this easier for you.

5. Texture

The contemporary style relies on texture to balance its emphasis on simplicity. Furniture, rugs, pillows, table covers and other home decor items are opportunities for your to add texture to the environment. For example, a fluffy area rug, a silk table cloth for your coffee table or velvet couch pillows would spruce up your apartment.

Trying to distinguish the contemporary style from other decorating styles can get confusing in the details. However, follow these common elements and you won’t go wrong.

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