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An Apartment Dweller’s Guide to Dealing with Break-Ins

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Apartment break-ins can make you feel vulnerable and confused. Knowing how to deal with a break-in before one happens, just in case the worst comes to pass, can help you take quick and decisive action. First Make Sure It’s Safe If when you approach your apartment, you immediately notice that the door has been literally […] read more

4 Intercom System Safety Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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If entry into your apartment building is controlled via an intercom system, it’s important to practice basic apartment safety, especially if you’re living alone. This article will focus on four different ways you can be safe and secure while operating your intercom. Try to Verify Who It Is before Opening the Door Never open the […] read more

What to Do in the Event of an Apartment Break-in

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Most of us try to keep our wits about us on the street or while driving through an unfamiliar neighborhood. But the one place we're supposed to be able to relax and not think about the potential of danger is in our own homes. That's why it's so deeply disturbing when we hear about a crime committed by a stranger in the victim's own home. It's horrible and it does happen. The chances are slim, but it makes sense to be prepared on the off chance that someone tries to break into your apartment. read more