Big Style, Small Space: 5 Tips

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It is possible to have big style in a small space. Studio apartments, small rooms in a residence or rooms without much wall space can be easily decorated to fit your furniture and show off your decorating style. Below are five tips to decorating a small space with big style.

1. Think Vertically

Using available vertical space is essential to making the most of a small room or apartment. After setting up the furniture, analyze what objects and decorations can be placed high on the walls or on shelving units. Vertical space can be filled numerous ways that will simultaneous leave floors uncluttered and allow you to show of your belongings.

Shelving units, cabinets, stackable baskets can be decorated and filled to show off your style.

2. Avoid Large Furniture

The best way to avoid a small space from looking cluttered is to use smaller scaled furniture. Avoid large, heavy sofas, bookshelves and tables and opt instead for smaller pieces. Also, items that are constructed with lighter or more open materials will help avoid the space being overfilled. Metal or glass bookshelves will offer ample storage space but not be as imposing as a solid wood bookshelf.

3. Use Light Colors

Decorating the room with subtle or neutral colored cotton fabrics rather than bright or dark fabrics will make it appear larger. Additionally, these neutral, light colors can be easily enhanced with bright or dark colored decorations. Placing splashes of color in a neutral room will be eye-catching without being overwhelming and make those colored items stand out more.

This same rule applies to the color you choose for your walls. Even if you cannot change the fabrics on your furniture to more neutral shades, do not paint your walls dark or bright colors. Dark or bright colors will make the room appear smaller. If you absolutely cannot give up the idea of having colored walls, try painting only one wall. This will enable you to get the color you desire without the room appearing tiny or overwhelming.

4. Keep It Organized

For a small space to appear decorated and not merely cluttered, it is essential that you keep it organized. Prior to decorating a small room, go through your belongings to see what you can get rid of by donating, selling or throwing away. This will make it easier to place and keep organized those items you want or need to keep. Also, purging your belongings will help you determine what you have to use in your decorating and what you may need to purchase.

5. Create a Theme

For a small space to appear unified, it is essential for you to create a theme in the area. A neutral background will permit you to do almost anything you want to show off your style, but always keep the style to a single idea. If you desire an oriental theme, use only those colors, fabrics and decorations that are in keeping with the idea. Neon colors, gold tones or European decorations are other great ideas, but even they should not be mixed with other themes.

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