3 Essential Supplies for Urban Vegetable Gardening

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People who plan to do some urban vegetable gardening should ensure that they have the supplies that are essential for such gardening, such as the following three:

1. Vegetable Seeds

Seeds for the vegetables to be grown in the vegetable garden can be purchased from a local seed company. It’s essential for you to ensure that the seeds are undamaged and of high quality. Old seeds should not be used as they may not fertilize. It’s preferable to buy seeds rather than use seeds from vegetables purchased at the grocery store, as the latter may not fruit. Seeds should be kept dry until they are ready to be used.

2. Soil

The soil used for an urban vegetable garden should be rich in organic matter and should not be compacted, as this can adversely affect soil drainage. The pH value of the soil should vary from 5.5 to 6.8 as vegetables thrive in slightly acidic soil. If the soil is alkaline, sulfur can be added to lower the pH value of the soil. Soils in urban areas are heavy in clay. This can affect soil drainage and plants can fail to thrive as a result of water logging.

3. Tools

Tools such as spades, shovels, four-pronged forks, rakes and hoes are generally required for garden jobs. It’s essential that the tools are of a good quality and well looked after. All tools should be washed and dried before they are stored. The metal parts should be wiped with vegetable oil and the tools should be sharpened with a whetstone at regular intervals.

An initial investment of good quality gardening supplies is well worth the cost as it’s cheaper to start a plant from the seed stage than to buy a plant from the local supplier.

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