How to Zen Out Your Apartment with Japanese Garden Supplies

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Japanese garden supplies can be used to create a Zen garden or a beautiful and peaceful area in any available space in your house. A Zen garden can be a square foot in size or as large as a pond.

How to Make a Zen Garden

There are several Japanese garden supplies such as granite lanterns, basins, statues, stones, bamboo fences, garden bridges and Bonsai plants that can be used to make a Zen garden for your apartment. Once you have decided on the amount of space you want to use, make a mold that can be filled with gravel or sand. You can place stones and rocks of different colors at strategic points in the mold. You can add statues and marble or granite basins in addition to natural substances such as wood or logs.

Care should be taken to ensure that the garden looks uncluttered. The sand or gravel should be raked with long curving strokes so that you see ripples along the surface. Place tiny pots containing Bonsai plants half submerged in the sand. The items should be placed so that they are off center and don’t look symmetrical. A water fountain can be placed at one end along with a basin filled with colorful rocks. A bamboo fence can screen off the edge of the garden.

When making a Zen garden, you should strive for a peaceful and calming atmosphere. You can use this space to relax after a long and tiring day.

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