3 Urban Garden Design Ideas for Your Small Plot

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Urban garden design ideas can help you take advantage of all the space available in your small plot to grow a wide variety of plants. You can make the maximum usage of the space at your disposal to grow fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs with the help of innovative ideas that are apt for urban areas. Here are some ideas to consider:

1. Square Foot Gardening

A square foot garden consists of a raised bed that’s divided into sections of one square foot. Vegetables, herbs and flowers are planted in these sections. Such a garden can be as big as the size a plot will allow. A square foot garden requires minimum watering and maintenance and allows easy access to the produce. A wide variety of herbs and vegetables can be grown in a small area in such gardens.

2. Step Gardening

If you want to use your balcony to grow vegetables and flowers, you should consider utilizing several raised beds stacked together to resemble steps. Additional beds can be added as required. Different plants can be grown in the beds as these gardens generally allow all the plants to have access to sunlight.

3. Plant Wall

You can use an ugly outer wall to grow plants on, thereby beautifying the wall and growing herbs of your choice. Horizontal planters can be placed on the wall at different levels, and rows of herbs and vegetables can be grown in these planters. All the plants have equal access to sunlight and this novel garden can look very attractive when the right combination of vegetables and flowers are planted.

Small plots need not be a deterrent. A little planning and investment can ensure that you are the proud possessor of an attractive and productive urban garden.

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