The Benefits of a Zen Garden

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For those who enjoy a little eastern style in their home or property decor, a Zen garden can be a great addition to a yard space or other part of a property. The Zen garden is a traditional Oriental space filled with sand and a collection of rocks. It’s not like a conventional western garden in that it does not necessarily include plants. The Zen garden is a meditative space. Here are some of the benefits of including a Zen garden in the overall design for your property.

Utilizes Unused Space

If you have a space, either on the ground or on part of a building, sitting vacant, a Zen garden is an easy way to add functionality and pack more attraction into your home. All you need to do is make sure that the flooring can handle the weight of the various rocks that you install. The size of the space makes no difference. In fact, some would argue that the best Zen gardens are composed in small spaces, in the nooks and crannies of a building or property, rather than in grand central spaces.

Maintenance for a Zen Garden

A Zen garden takes very little maintenance. However, part of its use is something that might seem like maintenance to some people. Traditionally, users spend time in a Zen garden raking the sand into different patterns that mimic the water in an ocean or sea. Whether you subscribe to this practice or not, a Zen garden does not require specific daily maintenance, as do flower beds and other installations. It’s easy gardening-even if you don’t have a green thumb, your Zen garden can still be a masterpiece. Creating it is a design task, something that appeals to those who are into aesthetics, but may not be seasoned gardeners.

Low Cost

A Zen garden can be a low cost addition to a property and something that many property owners can do themselves with little research. Finding nice looking rocks is the key to creating a cheap but spectacular Zen garden. Property owners can put additional money into a nice border for the Zen garden (secured beams, for example) and still not end up spending what they would for adding landscaping alternatives.

Zen Garden as a Health and Wellness Aid

In today’s high-stress world, western medical doctors are increasingly prescribing drugs and treatments to help relax the body and mind. A Zen garden can be the perfect place for the specialized meditative activities that many of us need in our days. If you are looking for a serene, calming activity to balance your lifestyle, think about how a Zen garden could help.

A big part of the particular appeal of a zen garden is its enigmatic character. So much of the Zen garden is dependant on what the creator puts into it and how it is conceptually used. You don’t need a lot to set up one of these simple spaces-and you don’t need rakes or other tools. Just a few rocks and some dirt or sand can make a great Zen garden in even a tiny space, on a balcony, in a corner, or elsewhere. It’s all a question of how the creator uses his or her imagination and design principle, and when it comes to a Zen garden, a little can go a long way.

Think about the above when considering adding one of these installations to your home space for deciding how you will use this idea in your own way.

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