How a Zen Garden Can Save You Money

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A zen garden can not only help you relax, but it can also let you save money. In an apartment, you’re unlikely to have a lot of space for a flower garden or even just a number of potted plants. Zen gardens are incredibly easy to maintain and come in all shapes and sizes to work both indoors and out.


One of the costliest aspects of maintaining a traditional garden or a collection of potted plants is even after you do your best to help the flora mature and grow, outside forces, a dry spell or even just old age inevitably lead to flora’s decay. You then must spend dozens or even hundreds of dollars replacing the plants. The gravel and sand in a zen garden will never need to be watered or replaced.


A lot of money is spent on weed killers and pest control when it comes to maintaining a flora garden. Even indoor plants may attract small pests inside your apartment. A garden of gravel and sand does not attract pests, so you needn’t spend money keeping them away. If your zen garden is outdoors, some weeds may poke through, but the weight of the sand and gravel will keep most weeds from growing at all.


The garden of gravel and sand can fit anywhere. You can make a garden of gravel and sand with a little land you have outside your apartment. You can make a mini garden in a container on your patio or on a shelf indoors. Trying to fit a full-size flora garden in a small space is downright impossible. Purchasing even just a couple of indoor plants can become expensive quickly.


The zen garden was originally developed by Buddhist priests, who raked the gravel and sand into intricate patterns to relax their minds and to allow themselves to contemplate the mysteries of life. You will find after a long stressful day that raking your garden of gravel and stone (and changing the patterns) can relax your mind. You’ll save money because it’s much cheaper than going to a spa!


In an apartment, even when you have a bit of land outside your front door, you don’t have a lot of space. With what space you do have, you want to make a dynamic and bold decorative statement. People can spend a small fortune redecorating a place–or they can add one of the most beautiful, simplistic and inexpensive touches to their homes with a mini or full-sized zen garden.

The zen garden is easy to maintain, can save you money, requires little space and possesses an aesthetic quality unmatched even by the bright colors of flowers and plants. When planning a garden (or to bring plant life into your apartment), consider decorating your apartment with a stone, gravel and sand garden, and skipping the traditional flora.

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