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A living room adorned with all kinds of holiday decorations, including stocking, festive pillows, and a Christmas tree.

7 Ways to Make Your Apartment Cozy for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us! For many of us, that also means battling blustery blizzards, cautiously conquering icy roads, and facing overwhelmingly crowded shopping malls. It’s during these times that coming home to a cozy apartment is ultra-important. read more

Keep Your Apartment Festive All Winter Long!

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Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean that all of the decorations need to come down. There are plenty of creative and effortless ways to keep your apartment festive throughout the dreary winter months. Here are some ideas for fun winter decorating in your apartment. First, consider some of the smaller upcoming holidays that […] read more

4 Steps to a Cozy Winter Apartment

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When the weather turns cold and the winds start to blow, we want a warm and welcoming place to spend time with friends and family. If you’d like to cheaply and easily cozy up your apartment this winter, we’ve got some fun ideas that should keep you going till the flowers start to bloom. Sophisticate […] read more

3 Types of Flowers to Use for Winter Decorating

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Winter decorating is an extremely fun task that is often also a family tradition. Creating a floral centerpiece is a great way to decorate for the season in your own unique way. Using seasonal flowers is essential to creating appropriate winter décor. There are genres to consider when using flowers in your winter decorating. 1. […] read more