Keep Your Apartment Festive All Winter Long!

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Glowing Christmas candle in frosted home window

Just because the holidays are over, doesn’t mean that all of the decorations need to come down. There are plenty of creative and effortless ways to keep your apartment festive throughout the dreary winter months. Here are some ideas for fun winter decorating in your apartment.

First, consider some of the smaller upcoming holidays that you can decorate for, such as Valentine’s Day, which fans of the red and sparkly will really enjoy. Whether you like jar candles or tea lights in your place, pick up some romantic scents for your home, like rose or a musky scent like amber. You can even leave out some of your holiday winter scented candles, like cinnamon or evergreen – these are great scents to have in your home during the winter months. Pick up a few seasonal votive holders to create a cozy atmosphere in your apartment. Many stores now also sell wall plug-ins with designs for all occasions in a variety of scents to keep your rooms fragrant. White pillar candles are a great accent for any room, especially with a decorative holder underneath. Also consider dish towels and hand towels for your bathroom and kitchen in a pleasant red shade or red and white pattern, which are great for winter holiday decorating.

Wall or window decals can make an apartment artsy or festive, and there are plenty of cute or romantic Valentine’s Day decals for your walls as well as some artistic winter decals, such as a winter woodland scene or intricate snowflake designs. If you happen to have some pieces of seasonal art, these might compliment your walls nicely as well. If there is room on your front door, consider a winter or Valentine’s Day wreath. An entrance welcome mat and a decorative boot tray for boots that are wet from the snow are another way to adorn your entranceways.

If you have a kitchen or dining room table that needs a wintry centerpiece, fill a terrarium bowl (found in any craft store) with pinecones, chestnuts, or a plant that does not need a lot of sunlight to grow. You can also use cinnamon sticks, fake snow or fake wintry fruit like cranberries to fill up your glass bowls. Another idea is to pick up some decorative glass beads in an assortment of reds, whites and pinks (or blues if you want to keep with the winter theme) and use those to fill your terrarium or any empty decorative glass jar that you have in your apartment. If you are really feeling the creative bug, you can even paint some of your jars or pinecones with a seasonally appropriate color or glitter paint for a little sparkle. Another option is to keep it simple with fresh cut flowers; fill a decorative vase with roses, jasmine or begonias for a pop of color and scent. Placemats and potholders are another way to keep your common rooms looking jovial; these come in all shapes and sizes depending on how you want to decorate.

Available wall shelf or bookshelf space can be great for housing some wintry odds and ends, such as decorative coffee mugs or plates, snow globes, lanterns or picture books with winter scenes. Keep your space cozy with some snowflake themed throw pillows and blankets. Use your coffee table as a space to set out coasters in a variety of designs or arrange decorative bowls and cups filled with candy.

Lastly, don’t forget about St. Patrick’s Day coming up in March, another great excuse to adorn your apartment. A bouquet of green carnations or some decorative items with a shamrock theme or green hue are a great way to spruce up your place. Hope these tips will help you to beat the winter blues and keep your apartment pleasant and comfy during the long winter months!

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