4 Steps to a Cozy Winter Apartment

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A Cozy Apartment

When the weather turns cold and the winds start to blow, we want a warm and welcoming place to spend time with friends and family. If you’d like to cheaply and easily cozy up your apartment this winter, we’ve got some fun ideas that should keep you going till the flowers start to bloom.

Sophisticate It

While summer calls for bright colors, winter calls for deeper hues that give off a more upscale vibe. The easiest way to bring this home is through materials – think cashmere, wool and velvet. Blankets and big throw pillows will give any room the cushioning feel we crave when it’s cold. If draping and folding and plumping isn’t giving you the look you desire, create a cozy corner instead. Fold blankets and place them on top of old wooden boxes, small stools, etc. They are ready and waiting when the evening turns cold, not interfering with anyone’s sitting ability and add a touch of warmth to a neglected corner of a room. Color-wise, build on your home’s current palette. Look for warm colors like rusts and nut browns if those work in the rooms. Cool colors like silver and grey will give off a more elegant look, but may not have the warmth you are hoping for.

Touch It

Building on the sophistication idea, color is not your only consideration; cold weather calls for texture – you want to wrap yourself in something big and warm and fluffy. If you have a large rug as a focal point in your room, consider replacing it for the next few months with something a bit plusher, like sheepskin. It’ll give the room a full, comforting look. A smaller one can also be thrown over a chair or the back of a couch (don’t overdo it though – one is probably enough). If a new big rug isn’t in the cards, consider a thin smaller one in a contrasting pattern or color to lay on top of the original. Layering your furniture (much like you layer yourself) provides warmth as well. If nothing else, treat yourself to a comfy set of flannel sheets.

Brighten It

Grey short days make one wonder if the sun has been turned off. Turn the light back on at home with some inviting illumination. First, replace your current light bulbs with brighter ones. The extra light will banish shadows and also cheer you up. Then treat yourself to candles every evening. Vary the height and width of the candles; choosing a color scheme that not only compliments your décor but makes you smile. Gold, brass, bronze or copper candleholders are warming and should go well with whatever color candle you choose. Don’t forget the scent – be sure to choose ones with rich winter smells to infuse the room with a comfortable scent.

Art It

If your wall décor is a bit lacking, been around a while or is non-existent, use the upcoming season as an excuse to do something about it. Properly frame favorite posters, pictures or other artwork. If there’s nothing there (or you are ready to start over with a blank canvas) there are a ton of art websites that make finding and choosing new pieces fun and easy. Easiest way to freshen things up? Just relocate a couple pieces. The room and the picture will both take on a new perspective.

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