4 Tips for Bringing the Boho-Chic Look Into Your Home

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Eclectic throws and wicker baskets are the cornerstones of the free-feeling boho chic aesthetic.

A theory has circulated for years that if you keep your clothes or furniture long enough, the style will come around again. This has proved true with miniskirts, bean bag chairs, suit lapels both wide and narrow, ties, overstuffed sofas, bell-bottom pants, and countless other trends. Boho-chic style and home decor falls into that category as well, although in some areas, it never really went away.

If you’re looking to work some of this eclectic look into your own space, you’re in luck: this might just be the easiest decor shopping you’ll ever do. That’s because ere are very few “rules” when it comes to boho-chic. The most important thing to remember is to inject your true self into every choice you make.

Choose Rustic Accessories for Every Room

Anything made of sisal, wood, hemp, or rattan is very boho-chic. Also check out woven wall hangings, leather stools and chairs, and macrame plant hangers. To offset all those neutral colors, work in a few metal knickknacks, lamps, framed artworks, and other conversation pieces. If you’re a fan of the Old West, display an old saddle, colorful saddle blankets, and cast iron kettles. Showcase fire logs in a well-worn brass box — no need for an actual fireplace.

Make Tasteful Cultural Additions

Even if you didn’t backpack through Europe, your place can reflect voyages to anyplace on earth. Choose items like Buddha statue collections, Ming-era vases, gas lanterns, and anything else that reflects an assortment of world cultures. Pawn shops are great places to find unique souvenirs from all over the globe at affordable prices. Import stores have knock-off items that look antique-enough to pass for the real thing. And speaking of which, you should peruse local antique stores for unique photos, kitchenware, and one-of-a-kind items that are sure to be top-notch conversation starters. Even an old globe or wall map will make for a wonderful and educational addition.

Go Vintage

Colorful vintage furniture pieces like this armchair and dresser are sure to bring your other boho-chic elements together.

The term “vintage” is most commonly associated with mid-20th century European and American pieces. Boho-chic is all about these relics, specifically those from the late 50s through the end of the 70s. Check out the garages and attics of your grandparents to find vintage treasures like lava lamps, brightly-colored furniture and major appliances, Jello molds, woven chairs that hang from the ceiling, and wildly-patterned rugs.

If the elders in the family were super cool in their youth, you might score boxes of LPs (albums) with cool artistic covers and collectible liner notes. Even if the albums aren’t playable, the covers are ripe for a mind-boggling collage (also a great way to display old magazine covers from Life to Look, Playgirl, Redbook, Tiger Beat, Time, and TV Guide).

Mix Patterns and Colors Freely

Forget everything you’ve learned about properly mixing and matching throw pillows if want to create a truly boho-chic home. Mixing and matching the boldest, brightest colors with wild patterns and prints including paisleys, florals, fractals, and tribal patterns is the heart of boho-chic. In fact, you can really use any color combination you like. Always remember that the first rule of boho-chic is that there are no rules.

You can add splashes of color and curiosity to any room, nook, cranny, or wall. Own it all without reservation.

However your boho-chic makeover turns out, it should reflect you and your passions. You may have never ridden a horse or been a Rolling Stones fan, but if you always wanted to horseback ride or longed to experience the vibe of a historic rock concert that simply doesn’t exist anymore, then you should absolutely include subtle or overt references to those things in your home style. You are one of a kind, and your surroundings should reflect that.

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