Drywall Water Damage Repair Tips

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You can take care of drywall water damage repair, or ask your landlord to. It all depends on the circumstances, such as the cause of the water damage. If it’s your fault and you want to avoid losing some or all of your security deposit, then you should learn how to repair drywall yourself. You may have no choice if your landlord doesn’t have a good track record of making repairs. Hiring a professional may cost you just as much as the amount of the security deposit you would lose. Knowing basic drywall water damage repair tips may even make the wall or ceiling look better than it did before.

Install a New Piece of Drywall

Your best option for many drywall water damage repair jobs is to cut out the damaged piece and replace it with new drywall. Make sure you remove all of the damaged portion of the wall. Measure the area that you’ve cut out and cut out a slightly larger piece of new drywall. Replace it using drywall tape, and sand it to make it look smooth and near seamless.

Paint the Damaged Area

If the water damage leads to discoloration, but not much else, then paint it. Either paint the drywall to match the rest of the wall, or repaint the entire wall or ceiling. You may need to sand down the wall first, if you want a smooth surface to paint, and not one that’s textured. Choose a color to match your apartment decorating style and decor.

Plywood Backing

Drywall water damage repair sometimes entails a very large area. For example, if water is leaking from another apartment above you, most of the ceiling will need to be fixed. You can’t just put up a large piece of new drywall, with no support for it. Use a backer to attach the drywall to first, before replacing the drywall. This will ensure that it holds well in place and not break because of its own weight. Plywood backing is most commonly used.

Leave Space between Floor and Wall

When you replace drywall on walls near the floor, leave space between the new drywall pieces and the floor itself. Measure at least 1/2 inch from the floor. The reason for this is to prevent more damage if there’s flooding in your apartment. If you allow the drywall to rest on the floor directly, it could be damaged all over again. You’ll have to do another drywall water damage repair job.

If you find that these tips are beyond what you’re able to do on your own, then you may need to hire a handyman to take care of the drywall water damage repair. It’s better for you and your landlord that the job is done right the first time. You should also notify your landlord of the source of the water damage, to ensure that future damage doesn’t happen again at the same spot.

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