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A woman drinking coffee and surfing the web for long-distance rentals.

Top Tips for Long-Distance Apartment Hunting

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Finding a new place to live is never easy. Add distance into that equation, and it becomes an entirely different ballgame. Although hunting for an apartment from another city is not an ideal situation, it can still be done efficiently and effectively with the help of modern technology and a willing landlord or property manager. read more

Socializing in an Apartment Complex

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If you’re like many friendly, people-loving singles and couples, you’ll jump at the chance to meet other great guys and gals at your apartment complex. After all, the setting is ideal and safe. What better place to meet new pals than on your home turf? You’ve already eyeballed the comings and goings of your neighbors […] read more

Big City Living in Your Twenties

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There’s nothing more exciting and challenging for a twenty-something than to try out city living. Big cities are fun because they have more of everything: types of people, restaurants, cultural events, and things to see and do. It’s possible to never be lonely or bored if you are proactive in getting out and taking advantage […] read more