4 Decorating Ideas From Around the World

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Sometimes the best decorating ideas are inspired by places around the world. Decorate each room of your apartment with different décor from around the globe. Here are 4 decorating tips to help add some international style to your ordinary living space.

1. Create a Country French Living Room

Bringing in the comfort and warmth of Country French décor is easy when you use a few decorative touches. The first option is to create a focal point in your room with a “statement” color. Then tie in several other elements of Country French décor into your room. Start by dressing up an old couch with a new slip cover. Select a cover in bold red to represent the classic look of French royalty.

Interior decorators use specific colors and rich fabrics to create this elegant but rustic design. For example, toile patterned lamp shades and pillows add simple but powerful touches of Provence to any apartment. Next, incorporate the colors of a French countryside such as soft lavenders, golden yellows and vibrant blues. To finish, accent the rest of your apartment with French artwork, gilded frames, and fringed drapery and tablecloths.

2. Cook Up a Tuscan-Style Kitchen

Invite ceramics, metals and earth tones into your kitchen to give it an Italian flair. These Tuscan-inspired attributes are great for enhancing the look and feel of your cooking area.

Incorporate rustic pieces and colorful elements (like a tile backsplash) when revamping your work area. A wrought-iron baker’s rack or metal shelves are great for displaying ceramic bowls, terracotta pots and metal urns.

Decorative bottles and jars are ideal for storing pasta, beans, spices, vinegar and olive oil. Likewise, place wire bins on your counter space to hold garlic, onions and lemons. By displaying real foods, you’ll add an authentic flavor and vibrant colors to your Italian kitchen.

3. Create an Asian Bedroom Retreat

Create a sanctuary for relaxation with an Asian-inspired bedroom. Asian décor not only includes the Orient, but other exotic places like India and Nepal. This style is understated and relies on texture, color and simple accents such as small fountains and sketch art.

To revamp your bedroom, incorporate the sturdy fabrics and soft colors popular in Asian design. Start with a natural fiber rug, such as one in bamboo, jute or sisal. You can also accent your home furniture with soft lamps, mats and exotic ceramics. Additional items for dressing up an Asian bedroom are silk wall hangings, folding screens, black lacquered tables and oriental-patterned bedding.

4. Style a Hawaiian Balcony or Deck

Now it’s time to move the focus of your decorating outside. Recreate a tropical setting for your outdoor space by bringing in some plants and incorporating the natural colors of the islands. Choose colors in pineapple gold, orange mango and red hibiscus. Accessorize your balcony to reflect the ocean and Hawaiian culture with sea shells, flowing curtains and wooden statues.

After that, select small tables, chairs and patio furniture in bamboo, wicker or rattan. Finally, recover old cushions or pillows with floral, or nature, print fabrics instead of buying new ones.

As suggested above, you can decorate each room of your apartment in a different international look. Or feel free to use any of the above decorating styles to redo your entire living space.

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