5 Tips for Packing Kitchen Appliances and Cooking Utentils

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Kitchen appliances are fragile items to pack and move. If not done properly, they can get damaged and you’ll have to spend money to replace them. You can avoid this hassle by packing them the right way so that both your kitchen appliances and cooking utensils arrive intact at your final destination. Use these 5 tips to help you pack your kitchen items safely for transport:

1. Bubble Wrap

Whether you use bubble wrap depends on how much money you have to spend on the move. There are alternatives to using bubble wrap (described below), but they are handy if you can afford it. Wrap your appliances and use sturdy tape to seal it. Wrap them around small amounts of your cooking utensils. This will help to protect your appliances from getting scratched by your utensils, and also protect your appliances from bumps during transportation. If you’re using a moving service company, they will most likely have bubble wrap for sale, but you could order them cheaper online at any moving supplies store. Office supplies stores and some dollar stores also sell bubble wrap.

2. Use Towels

When money is tight, you’ll have to use alternatives to bubble wrap. One option that works well is towels. Wrap your kitchen appliances and cooking utensils in towels before packing them in moving boxes. This works like moving pads or moving blankets that professional piano movers use. The towels will protect your things when appliances bump against each other. Use your own judgment on when to use more than one towel per appliance.

3. Use Blankets

For bigger appliances that are going into moving boxes, use blankets when possible. These serve the same purpose as towels, but work even better. Blankets and quilts will have more cushion, which will give more protection than towels. However, don’t use comforters or blankets that are so large that they take up large amounts of space, or add too much weight to the boxes.

4. Mark Your Boxes

After packing your items using the right moving supplies, mark all of your boxes with a “Fragile” stamp. Mark it in several places on the box so that professional movers or mail carriers  can easily identify them on the boxes. Stamp them on the tops, sides and bottoms of all your boxes, even if don’t think your kitchen appliances are fragile. There’s no guarantees that your boxes won’t get thrown around, unless you’re using a professional moving service company and that’s not a sure thing either. However, people do try to handle boxes marked “Fragile” gently, more so than boxes that are unmarked.

5. Label Your Boxes

Once you’ve put a sufficient amount of “Fragile” labels on your boxes, choose one side of your box to write down what’s in it. For example, write “toaster” on one line, “spoons” on the second line and so on. This will help you keep your kitchen appliances and cooking utensils organized and easy to find when you relocate. It will also help you to avoid throwing boxes around yourself, looking for miscellaneous kitchen items after the move.

Save yourself money and pain by packing your kitchen appliances and cooking utensils correctly on the front end. Use these tips and your things will most likely arrive without getting broken or dented.

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