Ugly Kitchen Cabinets? Four Stylish Solutions

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Kitchen cabinets can make or break the look of your kitchen. If you are stuck with ugly, old kitchen cabinets that are an eye sore then something needs to be done. Purchasing new kitchen cabinets, however, is a huge expense but there are several other ways you can redo the cabinets for much cheaper to give them a new updated look.

New Paint

New paint added to kitchen cabinets can actually create brand new looking cabinets for a very cheap price. Older cabinets are sometimes painted already and the paint color may be outdated. Wood cabinets may be so scratched up and faded that painting over them would be a good choice as well. Paint the cabinets a bright white to give the kitchen a clean, fresh look or go with black to give it a more sleek, modern feel. Be sure to clean the cabinets first with a good cleaner that will cut through grease build up. Prime the cabinets as well to prepare them for the paint. Remove and handles and hinges before painting. Paint the back side of the cabinet door as well as the facing on the cabinets. There is no need to paint inside the cabinets themselves though.

Updated Hardware

Sometimes all that is needed to make old cabinets newer again is some new hardware on them. New handles or knobs for the cabinets can be found in a variety of styles and finishes to match whatever look you want to give to the updated kitchen. New hardware by itself can freshen up the look of the kitchen or you can use this idea in combination with adding new paint. By painting and replacing the old hardware from the cabinets, they really will look completely new.


If purchasing new cabinets is not in the budget but you don’t like the idea of painting or you really want wood cabinets, choose to have the cabinets refaced. This means removing all old cabinet doors and hardware. The guts of the cabinets remain and new doors and hardware are added to them. The advantage of this is that you gain the look of brand new cabinets for a fraction of the cost of buying all new cabinets. The sides and framework of the cabinets can be covered with stick on veneer to match the wood finish you choose for the cabinets. You can purchase them in any wood finish or style that you look.


Wallpapering the cabinets is another quick and cheap solution to making over old cabinets. Using wallpaper on cabinets might sound strange but it can create a unique look. The entire cabinet does need to be covered. If molding trims the cabinet you could wallpaper the inside section using the molding to act as a frame. Remember to use wallpaper that is washable and a pattern that is not too busy looking. This look would probably look especially nice with a country kitchen decor. Tin panels in different styles and designs with pierced patterns can also be used to cover up the majority of the cabinet door inside the frame.

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