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Plumbing Repairs

Can a Landlord Charge You for Plumbing Repairs?

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The single best part of being a renter is that even though you’re expected to keep the apartment in decent condition while you’re living there, you’re not necessarily responsible for its upkeep (i.e. dealing with electrical, heating, or structural issues). read more

Paper, pen, and calculator tallying up all the hidden costs of renting.

The Hidden Costs of Renting

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Whether you can’t afford to put a down payment on a house or you simply don’t know how long you’ll be living in your current area, renting often makes more sense financially than owning a property. On top of that, there are a ton of perks that are unique to renting. For one thing, you’ll […] read more

How Much Should You Expect to Pay before You Sign the Lease?

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As you budget for expenses associated with renting an apartment, be sure to include costs that you have to pay before you sign the lease. These can add up, and you don’t want to begin renting an apartment in the red. Some fees may not apply based on where you’re renting and whether you have […] read more

Condominiums vs. Apartments

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You’ve probably lived in an apartment at some point in your life. Maybe you’re still an apartment-dweller, or maybe you moved on to a house. Regardless of your situation, you’re now wondering if condominium living could be right for you. It’s not just for old people anymore, after all—new homeowners are considering condominiums for affordability, just as individuals at retirement age are considering them to downsize from a home to a more manageable property. Read on for some facts about condo that may ultimately affect your decision to sign that condominium contract. read more