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Farmer's Market Booth

How to Afford Farm Fresh, Local Food

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Every weekend, my town plays host to a fabulous farmers market. Local growers bring their finest produce, meat, eggs, and honey for community members to swarm around and buy in bulk. read more

Glass Food Storage Containers: Why You Should Make the Switch

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In this modern day, kitchens are filled with plastic food storage containers in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest snack container to the largest salad or cake carrier. The trend is changing. Glass food storage containers are on the rise in popularity. Why should you switch to glass? Read on and find the simple […] read more

Refrigerate after Opening: A Guide to Food Storage

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Refrigerator food storage preserves foods for a longer time, while keeping you safe from bacteria and harmful contaminants. Each food has its own guidelines, and if packaged, the manufacturer often gives instructions, such as “refrigerate after opening.” Understanding what common foods should be refrigerated is helpful for foods that aren’t processed or packaged, such as […] read more

Food Storage Guide: Making Leftovers Last

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Cooking meals at home is the first step you need to take in order to cut your grocery expenses and save money. Learning all you can about food storage will help you make the most of leftovers, which will further reduce your need to cook and buy takeout food. Eliminate the guesswork by keeping these […] read more