Glass Food Storage Containers: Why You Should Make the Switch

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In this modern day, kitchens are filled with plastic food storage containers in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest snack container to the largest salad or cake carrier. The trend is changing. Glass food storage containers are on the rise in popularity. Why should you switch to glass? Read on and find the simple and logical reasons to switch.

Less Staining of Containers and No Odor

Glass food storage containers are easy to clean, do not hold food odors or germs and are, therefore, more hygienic. Glass containers can be washed in a high temperature dishwasher, whereas plastic containers cannot. Without odor retention, glass bowls can be used to prepare a garlic marinade today and for making whipped cream tomorrow, without the risk of carrying over any residual flavor. Glass containers are sturdier than plastic and look neater and cleaner; they retain their clarity forever.

Stackable Space Saving Storage

Square glass food storage containers take up less room in the refrigerator than their round counterparts. The square shape also fits more readily into the average lunch box. It is easier to identify the contents in a clear glass container. Try nesting them when not in use; this is a real space saver. Those styles with a completely flat cover, no handle on the top, make for neater stacking and storage than those with the classic knob-like handle.

All Around Versatility

Tempered glass containers allow refrigerator to oven/microwave to table usage. Not only do they streamline preparation and serving but using glass containers also helps to abbreviate clean up. Most hostesses would not serve guests using plastic containers on the dinner table but would readily serve from glass bowls. The multi-functional glass container makes family-style serving simple.

Food Freshness

Many believe that milk and other foods taste better and retain their freshness when stored in a glass container. Reheating food in glass VS plastic prevents the steaming effect that occurs in a plastic container—this helps to avoid the typical soupy consistency of some reheated food.

Ecologically Friendly

Using glass can change your mind-set from the new era of disposable items to the retro idea of reusing glass storage containers indefinitely. Reduce landfill and plastic recycling inefficiencies by switching to glass. Broken glass can be recycled and reclaimed; about 80% of broken glass is efficiently reused. Recycled glass uses 40% less energy than manufacturing new glass so even if you accidentally drop and break a container, the earth is not much worse off. Glass storage containers are initially more expensive to purchase but, over time, it is a cost efficient choice. Glass lasts forever where plastic often needs to be replaced, due to staining, cracking and general wear-and-tear.

When they are properly stored and cared for, glass storage containers should last indefinitely in your kitchen. Buy and use glass food storage containers. The result will be space saving, cost efficient, aesthetically appealing and ecologically friendly. Buy square shaped storage containers for the best results.

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