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Create Your Own Kitchen Clothespin Memo Board

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There are always notes, photos, children’s artworks and holiday cards you want to keep visible in your kitchen. A memo board project is a great alternative to the more traditional front-of-the-refrigerator display palate. How can it be done using an inexpensive and fun arts and crafts project for the whole family? Grab a package of […] read more

Facing Housing Discrimination Due to Sexual Orientation? Here’s What You Can Do

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A landlord’s main concerns should be prompt rent payment and the condition of their rental property, not the sexual orientation of their tenant. Unfortunately, housing discrimination is a reality in some cases. An abundance of information found in this article is available on a resourceful legal site called NOLO Law for All site. Rent Denial […] read more

3 Recipes that Only Require a Single Pot or Pan

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There are countless quick and easy meals that only require one pot or pan—making for minimal post-eating clean-up. A myriad of appetites can be satisfied in one pot; vegetarians, meat lovers, seafood faring appetites, sandwich lovers, breakfast eaters and more. Clear a small workspace on the kitchen counter and get the skillet ready, dinner is […] read more

Glass Food Storage Containers: Why You Should Make the Switch

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In this modern day, kitchens are filled with plastic food storage containers in all shapes and sizes, from the smallest snack container to the largest salad or cake carrier. The trend is changing. Glass food storage containers are on the rise in popularity. Why should you switch to glass? Read on and find the simple […] read more

Don’t Waste Away: How to Manage Your Trash in a Small Kitchen

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Managing kitchen trash becomes a true logistics issue when storage space is limited in a small space. Should your kitchen trash be hidden away or will it be exposed for all to see? Will it be in a covered vessel or an open-top container? Is there a trashcan liner or not? There are many options […] read more

4 Creative Ways Chalkboard Paint Can Help You Organize Your Kitchen

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Decorating is fun, organizing is even more fun and chalkboard paint ties it all together in the kitchen. There are many different options and ideas for using this creative paint. There are walls, cabinets and appliances just waiting to be painted, and then the fun really begins. You can cover an entire wall or create […] read more

What Cleaning and Repair Charges Can a Landlord Deduct from Your Security Deposit?

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Security deposits are used to cover excessive damage done by a renter. They’re kept as a means if insurance, so the renter can’t leave the rental property without paying for damages. To Protect Against Damages Exceeding Expected Wear and Tear Normal wear and tear of the property is anticipated by every landlord, but reckless damage […] read more

Renter Friendly Growth Chart For Your Youngster

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We watch our children grow inch-by-inch, documenting each minor increment on a personalized growth chart along the way. The traditional means is to mark such growth spurts with a permanent marker or a notch on the doorframe in the kitchen or a parent’s closet. The growth chart withstands the test of time, forever etched for all […] read more