How to Find an Apartment with Disability Accommodations

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When searching for an apartment with disability accommodations, you don’t want to waste your time looking at apartments that don’t offer what you need. Following a few steps can help you avoid apartments that won’t meet your needs.

Step 1: Search with an Apartment Finder Website

Apartment finder websites are an ideal place to start your hunt for an apartment suitable for those with disabilities. Expand the search options and look for a tab that allows you to select “disability accommodations.” If the site offers such an option, this can narrow your search and provide you with a list of apartments in your area.

Step 2: Visit the Apartment Websites

Verify your selected apartments have disability accommodations by visiting the official websites if they have one. These sites are likely to be the most accurate and up-to-date information. You can also check the official websites of other apartments the area, in case they do not advertise with apartment finder websites.

Step 3: Call Landlords

If you find an apartment online that claims to have disability accommodations, don’t take the ad at face value. When you call the landlord to arrange a tour, verify that the apartment available meets your needs. If you’d like to tour other apartments that didn’t state whether they included accommodations for disabilities, it doesn’t hurt to call the landlord and ask.

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