How to Find HUD Properties

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HUD Properties are managed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These properties are available to low-income individuals and families throughout the country. These properties are established by the HUD office in Washington, D.C., but are managed by local HUD offices or third-party contractors, such as Habitat for Humanity. Check with your local HUD office, non-profit housing groups and your local government to find HUD properties.

Check the HUD Website

The HUD website provides users with a listing of all HUD properties located in their region. You can narrow your search by location and property type, such as house or apartment. The site also provides you with the contact information for your local office and details how to apply to live in one of the available properties.

Contact Your Local HUD Office

Your local HUD Office or HUD-affiliated company office has a list of all HUD properties in the area under its control. These offices should be able to give you information about which properties meet your requirements and are available.

Call Your County’s Housing Division

Most counties have a housing division which is involved in providing its residents with state or federally-established affordable housing.

While the housing division may not manage the property, they will tell you:

  • where these properties are located
  • who to contact
  • how to apply to live on one of the properties

Take a Drive

Many HUD properties are designated such by a sign on their front door or somewhere on the building. Take a quick drive around your town to see which buildings are HUD properties; they will typically be located in more urban areas.

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