Looking for a Roommate? Creating an Attractive Ad

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Looking for a roommate can be a difficult task. After you’ve asked around to see if anyone you know needs a roommate-or has an acquaintance who does-your next best bet is to post an ad on Craigslist. Posting an ineffective ad is a waste of your time. Here’s how you can create an attractive ad that will see results.

Step 1: Read Roommate Postings

If you you’re unsure where to begin in drafting an attractive ad, start by doing some research online. Visit Craigslist and read through some of the postings in the roommate section. Bad postings will be easy to spot. You’ll begin to notice postings that appear more appealing than others. Take mental note of those things when you begin to write your ad. Good postings generally detail the living arrangement, give some information about the person posting the ad, include an image or two and positively portray the writer.

Step 2: Describe the Living Situation

How many people are sharing the place? Where is it located? How many bathrooms does the unit have? What will utilities run each month, approximately? Potential roommates will want to know these things before they even consider contacting you. Don’t be vague.

Step 3: Give Enough Information About Yourself, But Not Too Much

Good ads give a general description of the person in need of a roommate and his or her situation. Don’t tell your life story. Keep it short, but be thorough. Are you a 24-year-old male student at State University completing your degree in Criminal Justice who likes to play basketball and go out on weekends? Say so! Potential roommates are looking for someone they think they’ll be compatible with in a living situation. Giving a few general details about yourself will make your ad more personal and will target the right people.

Step 4: List What You’re Looking For In a Roommate

A potential roommate wants to know if he or she will be compatible living with you. Be fairly specific about the type of person you’re looking for. Are you only willing to live with a fellow young professional non-smoker who is a stickler for cleanliness? It’s important to list these things. Not only will the ad weed out unsuitable searchers, but it’ll give whoever is reading the ad a better idea about you, too. Be clear about what is acceptable and unacceptable to you.

Step 5: Post Pictures of the Place

Posting an image or two takes away some of the uncertainty upfront. Consider posting at least an image of the exterior of the building and also one of the apartment itself. A person will likely know right away whether he or she can see him or herself living there and will only contact you if seriously interested.

Make it Professional

Don’t give readers any reason to pass your ad up. Us proper grammar. Write in clear and concise sentences. Write your ad so that it portrays you as someone responsible and mature. Your ad will be much more enticing and likely to garner responses.

Follow these steps and you’ll have much better luck finding a roommate with an online ad posting.


Rachael Weiner: I’m a communications professional for a non-profit, which financially necessitates my status as an apartment dweller. Constantly “on-the-go,” I’ve resided in five different apartments across the United States over the past five years. Roommate issues, budgeting, organizing and handling problem neighbors are my specialty.

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