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Great Dogs for Apartment Living: Basset Hound

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Basset hounds can be wonderful dogs for apartment living. These floppy-eared dogs with sad, drooping eyes are great companions. They’re easy to manage with the right training, and their size makes them ideal for even a medium or small apartment space. If you’re wanting a dog for a pet, here are some things you can […] read more

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5 Tips for Creating a Dog Friendly Apartment

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The first thing you should do before you bring home a canine friend is to create a dog friendly apartment. Make sure, of course, that you signed a lease to a pet friendly apartment and that a dog qualifies as one of the allowed pets, and then work on prepping your apartment. 1. Find Him […] read more

Recommended Dogs for a Small Apartment

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It is absolutely possible to have a dog in an apartment, as long as you are cautious when choosing the breed. Here is a list of 5 dogs for a small apartment based on size and temperament: 1. Pug (~15-20 lbs) These dogs are small, however don’t mistake that for fragile. They are a sturdy […] read more

Barking Dog Alarm Systems Explained

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A barking dog alarm is a home security solution for renters who want to protect themselves by tricking intruders into thinking that there is an attack dog waiting on the other side of your door. Sometimes your lease prohibits you from owning a dog, or you just don’t have the time to take care of one. You can get […] read more

Typical Terms of Pet Friendly Rentals

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Finding pet friendly rentals is a must for animal lovers who rent. Since finding the right pet friendly condo or apartment that also meets your other needs can take a little extra effort, you want to be sure to follow the rules so you can stay there a long time. Most pet friendly apartments and […] read more

Removing Pet Odors from Your Apartment

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Owning a pet is a wonderful thing. Dogs provide unconditional love and cats are comforting companions. Studies have shown that people who own pets live longer and enjoy lower levels of stress. Unless, of course, your apartment smells strongly of your furry best friend. If your pet is accident prone (you know what we mean), you can forget about reducing your stress. Luckily, your apartment doesn't have to suffer with you. Here are some tips for getting rid of odors and some advice to keep accidents from happening in the future. Find the source of the stink. You've got to identify the problem before you fix it. Pets can stink up an apartment in so many ways. If your apartment smells like urine or feces, at least you know what you're dealing with. Sometimes the smell is much less distinct so you'll have to find the source. Has your dog or cat recently acquired an unusual odor? The smaller the apartment, the more pervasive the smell of your stinky pet will be. If your pet goes outside, supervise it closely to make sure it isn't rolling, playing or sleeping in something you don't want brought into your house. If you're sure the smell isn't coming from something the pet is tracking into the house, a bath and good brushing may eliminate the odor. If this doesn't work, a medical problem may be to blame. Body odor isn't necessarily the sign of a serious problem, but you don't want to wait to find out. Take your pet to the veterinarian as soon as possible. read more

Does Your Neighbor’s Dog Bark All Night Long?

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When your apartment is separated from your neighbors' by nothing more than a thin wall, it’s inevitable that you hear what's happening on the other side. You hear their music, their fights, and their routine comings and goings. But most of the time, you can expect things to be quiet ... unless your neighbor has a dog that won't stop barking. When dog barking doesn't stop, it can really make life in your apartment miserable. Even worse is a dog that barks throughout the night, causing you to lose sleep and be less productive at work. So what can you do to stop your neighbor's barking dog? read more

Top Ten Winter Pet Safety Tips

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As the temperature drops, it’s easy to get caught up in the demands of the new year and forget about the needs of our most important non-human friends, our pets. City pets face special challenges in winter, but it’s easy to avoid problems with a little consideration and extra preparation. Read on for our top ten tips for keeping your pet safe in the winter. read more

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How to Make Your Apartment Safe for Your Pet

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Pets are people too—well, maybe not, but they’re still important parts of your life. And since they’re not people, they have a hard time watching out for themselves. This means you have to do some work in order to protect your pets from potential dangers. Here’s a list of possible dangers lurking in your apartment, and steps you can take to protect your pets from them.   read more