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What Does Your Landlord Know About You?

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After you've found that perfect apartment to move into, the rental application you may have to submit is easy to forget about. You fill in your contact information, check a few boxes and hope for a positive phone call in the coming days. While most renters assume their landlords know something about their histories, most don't know quite how much a landlord can learn about you from your rental application. read more

Understanding Your Credit Report

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Your credit score can be a major influence on whether or not you’re approved to rent an apartment or receive a loan. You’re entitled to a free copy of your credit report each year—but that doesn’t necessarily mean you can understand it. This article will help you understand your credit score and take any necessary actions to improve it. read more

Six Steps to Good Credit

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A good credit rating is a requirement for taking up tenancy in a swanky apartment. If you’re stuck living in flood-prone places with cracked windows and noisy neighbors (made even noisier by the super-thin walls), think about boosting your credit rating so you can qualify to live somewhere a little bit nicer. read more

What the FCRA Can Do For You

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Federal Certificate of Real Awesomeness? Five Clearly Ridiculous Awards? Fun Cleaning Random Ashtrays? What is the FCRA, anyway, and how does it affect you as an apartment resident? This article demystifies the acronym of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, explaining how it protects you as a tenant. read more