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Decorating Ideas for a Bachelor Apartment

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You may be thrilled at the price of your bachelor apartment, but, when it comes to decorating, perhaps you are stumped. After all, a bachelor apartment is often the smallest, most inexpensive apartment home in a complex. If there are two sizes for a studio apartment in a building, the landlord typically differentiates between the […] read more

3 Storage Ideas for a Bachelor Apartment

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In a bachelor apartment, space is extremely limited. If you have a closet at all, it’s small, and for the most part, you’ll have to figure out how to create storage space in your open floor-plan apartment. Trying any of the following ideas can help you create the space for storage that you desperately need: […] read more

Pros and Cons of a Bachelor Apartment

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When searching for an apartment, you may run across ads for a bachelor apartment. Many states prohibit the use of the term, because it’s considered discriminatory. The rationale is that people with children are excluded from those apartments, and that the exclusion amounts to housing discrimination. If you do come across ads on Craigslist or somewhere […] read more