Decorating Ideas for a Bachelor Apartment

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You may be thrilled at the price of your bachelor apartment, but, when it comes to decorating, perhaps you are stumped. After all, a bachelor apartment is often the smallest, most inexpensive apartment home in a complex. If there are two sizes for a studio apartment in a building, the landlord typically differentiates between the two by having the smallest one classified as a bachelor apartment. However, have no fear. There are lots of ways that you can decorate your bachelor apartment without breaking your bank or feeling cluttered in your cozy new home.

Kitchen Solutions

When it comes to a bachelor apartment, if you have a kitchen, it’s almost always in the same room as the rest of your apartment, sans the bathroom. Make a clear separation by hanging “door beads” from the ceiling to separate your kitchen area. Yes, those groovy 70s-reminiscent beads that Greg Brady had to separate his digs when he got older. (They’re a great solution, as you can walk right through them, yet they set a wall-like separation.) If you don’t want to go for the beads, use a curtain to separate your space.

If your bachelor apartment does not have a kitchen, that may be for the best space-wise. If your apartment doesn’t have a kitchen, simply designate a corner space to a makeshift kitchen. Then, get a mini-fridge, the type most often seen in hotel rooms and dormitories. They can be found inexpensively at marts and often through second-hand websites. Place the mini-refrigerator directly on the ground for most effective use, as hot air rises. Then, place a microwave on a small microwave card beside it. Fill the cart with dishes and groceries. There, you have a miniature kitchen that will meet your basic needs. Simply separate it from the rest of the room in the same way you would if it had a small, traditional kitchen.

Separating Living and Sleeping Quarters

If your bachelor apartment is a bit roomy, you may opt to make a clear distinction between the area where you sleep and the area where you enjoy yourself in the evening and entertain guests. If that’s the case, place your bed on the far back corner of your bachelor apartment. Place a side table and lamp and little else in the sleeping quarters. Then, partition off the bedroom of sorts with a decorative wooden screen. The decorative side should face the living room, setting the tone for a lovely and decorative area of entertainment and relaxation.

Combining Sleeping and Living Quarters

Some bachelor apartments simply don’t offer the luxury of separating spaces, and some people just don’t like the idea of doing that, anyway. In that scenario, you want to opt for a piece of furniture that can really work as a bed and a couch. For example, a daybed may serve just such a purpose. Filled with pillows and blankets, it can be comfortable for reclining and watching TV, as well as getting a good night’s rest. Guests can also rest comfortably on it while you’re entertaining, without feeling as though they’re invading your bedroom. That’s one of the most popular and effective solution for bachelor apartment living.

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