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Landlord takes video of a unit for future virtual apartment tours.

NOLO Attorneys on the State of Apartment Tours in the Time of COVID-19

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Nothing is certain in the time of COVID-19. With cases skyrocketing in parts of the US and federal rent protections ending soon, we’re seeing millions of out-of-work renters being forced to contend with the real possibility of an impending eviction. To make matters worse, the pandemic has complicated the process of finding a new home […] read more

Rental Laws: What Are the Tenant’s Responsibilities for Ensuring an Apartment Is Habitable?

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Your state rental laws may require your landlord to maintain the apartment and make repairs. Even if your lease doesn’t state it, landlord tenant laws recognize an “implied warranty of habitability”, which means that the landlord must keep your apartment in a livable condition. However, you may have a responsibility as a tenant to maintain […] read more