The Importance of Reviewing Rental Agreement Forms

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When signing a lease on an apartment, it is important to closely read the rental agreement forms before signing them. While everything might seem on the level, there could be some fine print. Making sure to read over and understand everything carefully before signing is a must. Once your name is on the document, there is no going back.

It isn’t what he says, it is what he writes

A landlord can be any kind of person; honest, deceitful or two-faced. If you are just meeting him or her for the first time, it is best to be a bit on the skeptical side. Don’t just take them at their word as to what the documents mean. They could paraphrase the documents for you, but unless you go over each sentence with a fine tooth comb, they could be leaving out some very important words.

Get out your magnifying glass

I can’t stress this enough, make sure to read the entire document. If you come across something that you don’t understand, ask the landlord to verify. It would also be a good idea to call someone you knew to explain it to you. Not many do, but if something you have read does not make sense, you could get a professional opinion. A lawyer would let you know if you were binding into a fair agreement.

Use your own judgement

If there is something in the agreement that does not pertain to the rental, and you don’t agree with it, don’t sign! If you bring this matter to the potential landlord’s attention, and he won’t take the clause out of the agreement, then don’t sign. Walk away. You might miss out on what seems like the perfect rental, but you might be saving yourself from disaster in the futre.

Deposits paid

Be sure to take note of rather the deposit and monthly rent amount is spelled out in the contract. Without the monthly rent price listed in the agreement, there is no proof of what is expected each month.  Also, make sure the document is clear regarding the return of the deposit. It should clarify rather the deposit will be applied to the last month’s rent or if it will be returned once the apartment is vacated.

Having help from mom and dad

If you are renting for the first time, there is no shame in having a parent look over the contract. It is important that both parties understand the agreement that they are entering into, and getting advice about this topic is a good idea. When entering into a legal agreement, you can never be too careful.

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