4 Reasons to Use Energy-Saving Light Bulbs

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Energy saving light bulbs may cost more than traditional incandescent light bulbs, but there are a number of compelling reasons to spend the extra money initially on the energy-saving versions. If you’re debating whether or not to purchase the energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, consider the following:

1 – They Use Less Electricity and You Save Money

It may seem obvious, but energy-saving light bulbs use less electricity than traditional light bulbs. This translates to a direct savings on your utility bills, as, on average, utility bills are made up of 1/5 lighting costs. The energy-saving versions can be almost four times as efficient as traditional bulbs when it comes to wattage usage. Much depends on how long you keep your bulbs turned on and the cost of electricity in your area, but on average, you can expect a $30 savings on electricity over the life of the bulb. If that amount isn’t compelling enough or utilities are included in your rent, there are other reasons to choose these light bulbs over traditional ones.

2 – They Lost Longer and You Save Money

Energy-saving light bulbs tend to last about ten times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. That means that these compact fluorescent lights will save you money despite costing more at the outset. Before you reach for the cheap light bulb, multiply the cost by ten. You will find that ten traditional incandescent light bulbs easily totals $10 to $20 more than one compact fluorescent light bulb.

3 – They’re Part of a Greener Life

A lot of people want to reduce their negative impact on the environment without resorting to carrying candles around at night and eliminating electricity usage altogether. Choosing compact fluorescent light bulbs over traditional light bulbs is one very simple way to reduce your negative impact on the environment without changing how you live. In fact, you’ll be burning through less electricity and producing less waste (just think of the landfill filling with ten discarded light bulbs for every one compact florescent bulb you recycle) without doing anything different at all—other than purchasing and using energy-saving light bulbs.

4 – They Provide More Pleasing Light

Traditional light bulbs bathe people in a sort of orange- or yellow-tinted unnatural glow. Over time, exposure to this type of light can affect your mood, as natural sunlight has been proven to boost a person’s mood and make them happier. The light given off by compact fluorescent bulbs is closer to natural light, a more pure, bright white light that can boost your mood without being overpowering. However, there are a number of choices for spectrum of the light and the level of brightness produced by these bulbs if you’re looking for a different kind of light.

Energy-saving light bulbs cost more initially, but they save you more money in the long run because they’re longer-lasting and they burn through less electricity when in use. You’ll also be reducing your negative impact on the environment and living under more natural-like light.

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