4 Ways to Save on Electricity Costs during the Winter

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Wintertime is the best season to try to save on electricity. Anything in your apartment with a heating element that uses electricity will make your electric bill high. You tend to use those more during the winter months, especially your heater. There are ways to reduce your energy use and lower your electric bills when it gets cold outside.

1 – Insulate Your Apartment

You don’t have the freedom to install new windows and doors, because you don’t own it. If you think your landlord would be open to you asking for new windows and doors, then give it a try. It may result in you paying more rent, but that additional rent may be a better deal than paying high electricity costs. If your landlord says “no”, then do what you can on your own.

Buy and cover your windows with insulating blankets to keep air from going in and out. Plastic window insulation kits work well in some areas where the temperatures don’t get into double digits below freezing. You can also roll up towels ant put them at the bottom of your front and back doors to keep cold air out, and to prevent heat from escaping. You won’t need to turn on and use your heater as much if you can find ways to trap the heat in your apartment.

2 – Dump the Heat Pump

A heat pump uses electricity. That’s the main reason why your electricity costs are high during the winter if you use one for heating. You would better off finding alternative ways to heat your home, even if you still have to use electricity. Use a heat radiator in the rooms you use the most. Turn them off when you’re no longer using the room. It’s hard to keep track of it sometimes, so ones with an automatic timer is a great investment. You can save $100 or more if you stop using your heat pump. It’s worth changing your mindset and habits to save on electricity, if there’s a possibility that you’ll save hundreds of dollars.

3 – Use an Indoor Clothes Hanger

A dryer requires a lot of heating, which runs up your electricity bill. It’s inconvenient to air dry clothes, but you do save on electricity. Let’s face it, there will be times when you have to rush out of your apartment to go to work or for an appointment and you may need to use your dryer. However, your goal should be to reduce your use overall. You don’t need to use a dryer to dry underwear, t-shirts and nightwear. Hang clothes up on indoor clothes hangers, or even over your shower curtain rod until you can buy some.

4 – Seal Leaks with Caulk

Your landlord shouldn’t have any problems with you caulking areas where air leaks in and out of your apartment. You can buy caulk at hardware stores, and it’s an easy do-it-yourself project that you can complete in minutes. Look for points where pipes go through the wall, such as under sinks, and seal the air leaks with caulk. It’s another way to insulate the apartment so that you don’t have to use as much heat.

Save on electricity costs during the winter, and you’ll have money to pay rent and keep your stay in the apartment affordable.

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