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A residential telephone pole displays neighborhood watch signs.

How Safe is Your New Neighborhood? Things to Check Out Before You Sign That Lease

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Moving to a new neighborhood is exciting, because suddenly everything is different for you, from the place where you get your morning coffee to the place where you shop for groceries. On top of that, there are new opportunities to make friends, new areas to learn about, and breathtaking new vistas to soak in. But […] read more

Home Security System

Home Security for Rentals

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Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t install a great security system. Technological advancements have eliminated the need for landline-based setups and given apartment dwellers plenty of options to choose from when securing their homes. read more

Home Safety and Security Tips for Apartment Dwellers

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Home safety security is important wherever you live, especially if you’re an apartment dweller. Apartments are easy for burglars to access if residents aren’t security conscious. A Deadbolt Increases Your Safety Make sure you have a deadbolt lock with a solid chain on your door. Replace any spring-latch type locks as they are easy for […] read more