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Home Security System

Just because you live in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t install a great security system. Technological advancements have eliminated the need for landline-based setups and given apartment dwellers plenty of options to choose from when securing their homes.  Here are a few of our favorite alarm systems and gadgets for keeping rentals safe:

An Entire Wireless Security System

If you’re looking for a full-scale security system complete with sensors and an alarm for your apartment, you might consider the SimpliSafe Wireless Home Security Network, which is available at the affordable price of $230. This system is easy to install and can be set up in less than an hour. The start-up package includes a base station, wireless keypad, motion sensor, entry sensor, and keychain remote with a handy panic button on it. If you need extra security, you can choose to buy additional sensors and cameras when placing your order. The system doesn’t require a landline for installation and is completely wireless – so you won’t have to drill any holes or hire an electrician.

For $14.99 more a month, your apartment will be under around the clock surveillance. If this add-on seems a little out of your budget, you can always pass on the offer. Regardless of what you choose to include in your package, the base-level alarm will still set off an 85-decibel frequency when triggered, which should give you enough time to call the police in the event of a break-in.

A Security Camera for the Modern Renter

The Nest Cam’s $199 price tag may seem a little steep, but its technology is unmatched by any other brand. This outdoor security camera and its wiring are completely weatherproof, so you won’t have to take them down if it starts to rain or the temperature drops. NestCam has a 130-degree wide angle view and features Infrared night-vision for evening surveillance.

These cameras are easy to set up and can be ready to monitor your apartment in a matter of minutes. NestCam works in tandem with a mobile application that can be downloaded for both Apple and Android devices. Once you’ve paired the two, the app will alert you when the camera detects any sound or movement. This feature will be especially useful when you’re on vacation and want to check in on everything.

Cost-Effective Security Gadgets

Mpow Outdoor Motion Sensing Light

If you’re looking for a small-scale form of home security, you have a ton of greats gadgets to choose from. At just $14.99, The Mpow Outdoor Motion Sensing Light is one of the most affordable devices you can get to deter burglars from breaking into your home. The Mpow will shine a bright light on anyone who approaches your front door, which can be enough to get some would-be burglars to move on. Best of all, the light is solar-powered and won’t require batteries or constant recharging.

Many apartments have sliding glass doors that can easily be broken or unlocked with just a bit of force. To protect your sliding doors, consider investing in a bar lock, which will make your door less susceptible to a person who is trying to jimmy the lock and all for under $20.

If you don’t want to purchase an entire security system but still want an alarm to sound when an intruder is opening a door or window, the GE Personal Security Alarm Kit is the thing for you. These alarms are easy to install and emit 120-decibel frequencies that will undoubtedly wake you (and the rest of the neighborhood) up if someone tries to break in. The kit is just $10 and comes with all the necessary mounting materials.

Another great safety gadget for apartment dwellers is the SABRE Wedge Door Stop Security Alarm. This little device works as both an alarm and a mini-bar lock. When any outside pressure is applied to the door its mounted on, the alarm will emit a 120-decibel frequency. Additionally, the Door Stop’s non-skid pad will prevent the door from opening while the alarm sounds, making it even harder for an intruder to enter. The Wedge Door Stop is under $10 and is perfect for apartments, dorms, and hotels when you’re traveling!

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