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Young couple practices a little DIY apartment decorating.

Easy DIY Home Decorating Projects for Your Apartment

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Decorating feels like a chore for some people. After all, you may find the furnishings available in most stores to be a bit pricey, not suited to your personal taste, or even unable to fit the needs of your space. But you don’t have to resign yourself to the average home decor department. If you […] read more

Gift Ideas for Apartment Gardening

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Gardening paraphernalia can be a great gift idea. It’s usually relatively inexpensive, and can really brighten up the cold, cloudy winter season. There’s something refreshing about waking up, sliding into a warm fuzzy robe, and gazing out over your backyard covered in a myriad of bright colorful flowers. Oh wait… backyards are for people with houses, and your friend lives in a teeny tiny apartment. But, fear not, for there are many gardening gift ideas out there that will suit a quaint little apartment perfectly. Bigger doesn’t always mean better; at least not in the world of gardening. read more