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Meeting the Neighbors

Befriending Your Neighbors

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Unfortunately, a lot of apartment dwellers rarely — if ever — get to know their neighbors. These people live right above or next to you, and while you probably recognize their faces, you may not have taken the time to learn their names or form friendships with them. read more

4 Simple Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

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If someone new has moved into your apartment building, it’s a nice idea to welcome your neighbor. Welcoming a new neighbor can be mutually beneficial. The new person will feel more comfortable and welcome in his or her new apartment and you’ll potentially make a new friend or acquaintance. Plus, it’s always a good idea […] read more

Building Rapport with Your Next Door Neighbor

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When you move into a new apartment building, one of the first things that you want to do is build a positive relationship with your next door neighbor. The same is true when a new neighbor moves in next to you. Consider it a chance for a fresh start with a potential new friend or, […] read more