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Neighbor Networking Tips: How to Find a Job Next Door

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All of the professional networking tips available online and in books tend to focus on expanding your personal network through friends, family and colleagues. One very important pool of contacts hits closer to home: your neighbors. If you’re looking for a job or simply trying to network for the future, getting to know the people […] read more

4 Simple Ways to Welcome a New Neighbor

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If someone new has moved into your apartment building, it’s a nice idea to welcome your neighbor. Welcoming a new neighbor can be mutually beneficial. The new person will feel more comfortable and welcome in his or her new apartment and you’ll potentially make a new friend or acquaintance. Plus, it’s always a good idea […] read more

The Benefits of Being a Friendly Neighbor

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Everybody likes a friendly neighbor, and being a nice and approachable neighbor to the other residents in your apartment building can have its benefits. Just so long as being friendly doesn’t cross over into being nosy or annoying, you’ll set yourself up for better relationships with those around you. Here are some of the benefits […] read more