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Neon Themes in Decorating

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What, exactly IS neon and why is it so popular in decorating circles? Neon is a bright idea whose time has come. It’s the use of effervescent color, whether on your furniture, as a paint selection or in the form of actual neon lights. The result? An eclectic and mood-enhancing décor which is ahead of […] read more

Neon Colors: Bright Idea or Decorating Overkill?

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Using neon colors in interior design is a bit of a judgment call. Some people think the only place for neon is in the local tavern, while others enjoy the retinal delights of these ultra-bright hues. Selecting neon colors for an interior space can be a cool idea or a decorating “epic fail.” Often, the […] read more

Decorating with Neon Colors: Hip or Cheesy?

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Neon colors have been used in decorating for decades. Unfortunately, depending on how they are use, neon colors can sometimes appear cheesy or ill-considered. The following tips will help you decide when and how to decorate with neon colors. The Advantages and Disadvantages of Neon Neon colors permit you to add pop to a room’s […] read more