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How to Find the Right Amount of Renters Insurance Coverage

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So you’ve made the decision to get renter’s insurance: congratulations! Now, how do you know what you need to get covered? The answer will certainly vary depending on your individual situation, but here are some general topics to consider when constructing your renter’s insurance policy. read more

Uncoding Your Lease’s Legal Jargon

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Unless you’re a real estate lawyer, a landlord, or you just like reading over lease documents, the legal terminology in your lease might not be used in your everyday vocabulary. Terms such as buyout clause, sublease, and termination could help you break your lease, if you know how to use the legal jargon to your advantage. Here are a few general terms to help you through your lease. read more

Challenging Myths: Renters Insurance Edition

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Myth: Only people who rent a house need renters insurance. Reality: FALSE. According to the Bureau of Insurance, “Renters insurance is for anyone who rents an apartment, condo or house, instead of owning the premises.” Renters insurance provides protection for your personal property from perils such as fire or theft, and liability protection if you accidentally hurt someone or damage their property. read more