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8 Things to Consider Before Starting a Garden Balcony

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A garden balcony can be a great idea. With the right setup, something like this can provide a lot of fresh herbs, flowers or vegetables, as well as creating a nice space to spend time in. But there are a few things most gardeners will want to look at for utilizing a balcony space on […] read more

Using Your Balcony for Storage

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Balcony storage may be one of your only options, if you live in a tiny apartment. Many older apartments, or those found in urban areas, are short on closet space. Creative use of space is a must in such situations. Getting Permission Your apartment building has rules, typically found in your lease or among the […] read more

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Building Your Balcony Barbecue: 6 Steps

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Just because you live in an apartment and have limited space, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cooking out with friends with a balcony barbecue. Following are some ideas are on maximizing your space while enjoying a great barbequed dinner or lunch. Step 1 – Make Sure It’s Allowed Most apartment buildings have their own set […] read more

Combo Living and Dining Room Decorating Ideas

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The key to maximize your space is to effectively combine your living and dining room spaces into one. Before you decide on how you will put your space together, you need to consider your style and your preferences for entertaining. Are you a casual entertainer or do you prefer a more formal setting? Are you having friends […] read more

Apartment Balcony Decorating Ideas

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Do you have a big balcony, but lack a plan for how to fill it? Or maybe your balcony is tiny, but you’d like to decorate it stylishly anyway. Read on for some top tips on filling up your balcony with tasteful accoutrements so you can fully enjoy your outdoor space. read more