Apartment Hunting: 5 Top Amenities for Bachelors

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When apartment hunting, it’s important to remember that there’s no such thing as a one-apartment-fits-all model. As a bachelor, you’ll have different apartment needs than a couple or a single parent, for example. Look for these top amenities when searching for an apartment:

1. On-Site Fitness Center

Exercising is always a great way to meet new people—and keep your body in good health while you’re at it. The weather’s not always mild, so going outside to get exercise and meet new people isn’t always an option. When you’re going apartment hunting, look for an apartment with an on-site fitness center. This will allow you to meet your neighbors and also give you an easily accessible place to exercise when you want to get a regular workout.

2. Community Jacuzzi

If you’re apartment hunting in an area in which outdoor swimming is possible at least for much of the year, look for a complex with a community jacuzzi. A pool can be fun, but it may also attract small children. Kids are less likely to be in a jacuzzi, so you can relax and meet other adults in the community.

3. On-Site Laundry

As a bachelor, you won’t have as much laundry as couples or families, so finding an apartment with a washer and dryer included shouldn’t be as important. In fact, since you may be looking for a smaller apartment, you’ll want to free up more space for living and storage. However, it can be a pain to go to the laundromat or a friend’s house to do the laundry, so search for an apartment complex with an on-site laundry facility to make doing the laundry much more convenient.

4. Apartment Dishwasher

Although you’d think that doing the dishes might fall into a similar category as doing the laundry, you’ll actually be doing the dishes more often, even as a bachelor. If your apartment hunting leads you to an apartment without a dishwasher, it’ll become all too easy to just pile dirty dishes in the sink without cleaning them, leading to foul odors and caked-on grease that’s hard to clean.

A dishwasher may take up excess space in your kitchen, but you can store dirty dishes in it until it’s full, keeping odors locked away. You’ll also have to exert less effort to clean it. If possible, look for an apartment with a miniature dishwasher, as it may take you a while to fill up a traditional dishwasher when living by yourself.

5. Security System

As a bachelor, you may be at a greater risk for burglary if a criminal observes your habits and sees that you live alone, particularly if you’re a woman. An apartment complex that offers in-unit security systems gives you an extra layer of protection against burglars.

Apartment hunting as a bachelor means that you can to look for apartments with less space, as long as the offered amenities will make your life easier. Since you’ll live alone, you’ll be able to bypass apartments that are better suited for families and go for the more affordable apartments on the market.

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