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5 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Rental Contract

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So you’ve found that perfect apartment, and now the last step is to sign the rental contract. Before signing the rental contract, there are 5 questions that you must ask the landlord. Make sure that you are comfortable with the landlord’s responses before signing. 1 – What Are the Terms of the Security Deposit? The […] read more

Pet Rent Explained

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If your landlord is asking you to pay pet rent even though a pet deposit was made, here are some reasons why this might be. Is Pet Rent Legal? Yes it is. As long as there is no discriminatory reason why you are being charged pet rent, the landlord or property management company can enforce […] read more

5 Steps to Renting Pet Friendly Apartments

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You’ve found the perfect apartment, but just as your pen touches the lease, you remember to ask: “Pets are allowed here, right?” Who would mind Princess Fluffkin, the cat you’ve had since 8 th grade? Many apartments aren’t pet friendly, and if there’s a special furry creature – besides your excessively hairy boyfriend – in your life, it might be wise to ask this question up front before falling in love with the resort style pool. Pets can be extremely destructive, and even though Princess Fluffkin may have the manners of a noble, pet fees will most likely force you to switch to store bought cat food – don’t worry, she’ll understand. Here are some good tips for pet owners when searching for a new apartment. read more