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Woman loads her home furnishings into a large moving truck.

Tips For An Easy, Budget-Friendly Cross-Country Move

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Moving can be a huge headache, and moving across the country can be even more of a hassle, as it requires extra planning and research read more

When to Hire Long Distance Movers

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Long distance movers help you move your items from point A to point B, as long as the distance is greater than 100 miles. Anything less would require city movers or other local movers. The alternative to hiring long distance movers would be to ship everything, or rent a moving truck and move the items yourself. […] read more

Why are Moving Estimates for a Cross Country Relocation So Expensive?

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Moving estimates for a cross country move can be surprising in the amount of their anticipated expense. While a cross country move usually costs more than a local one simply because of the length of distance traveled, there are several other aspects to a long distance move that affect the overall cost. The Weight of […] read more

4 Tips to Prepare for Long Distance Moving

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Long distance moving is different than moving within your city and is, for most people, a hassle. It doesn’t have to be if you know what to do and when. Everything from having your clothes organized in boxes to storing papers and receipts will impact your move and what you do when you move into […] read more

Cross Country Moving – Making a Checklist

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Cross country moving can be a huge task, especially if you’re not prepared. However, you can reduce a lot of the stress and anxiety of a cross country move by being well-prepared. Organize Moving Plans Two Months Prior to Move Date Don’t wait to make the necessary arrangements until the last minute. Start about 2 […] read more

How to Get an Accurate Estimate for the Cost to Move Cross-Country

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The cost to move is never inexpensive or without its unexpected increases. Moving cross-county is particularly costly and more troublesome than moving intrastate. The key to being the most prepared for the costs associated with a cross-country move is to obtain the most accurate estimate possible from moving companies. Only Accept In-Person Estimates Interstate movers […] read more

Why It Is Better to Sell Your Stuff Instead of Paying Overseas Shipping Costs

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Overseas shipping costs can make up a significant portion of your moving expenses-possibly even more than your ticket overseas to get to your new apartment. When moving to another country overseas, consider whether or not it’s worth shipping most of your belongings or selling your stuff before you go. Look at the Prices When planning […] read more

Is Long Distance Car Moving Worth It?

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Movers with multiple vehicles might look at long distance car moving as a possible solution for helping them make it difficult relocation or transition. Long distance car moving services help individuals and households get their vehicles where they need to be.  But how good of a deal are these third-party moving services, and when do […] read more

Cross-Country Moving: Driving or Shipping Your Vehicle

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When moving long distances you should determine whether shipping your vehicle is a better option that driving your vehicle to your new home. In addition to cost there are several differences between the two options that may impact your decision. Costs of Shipping A Vehicle While driving your own car may seem the simple and […] read more